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even thought I can’t say ‘congratulations’ and mean it with all my heart right now, I will try and work towards it

hyung lovin’ 101 with kim minseok x

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~。✧♡  Sungmin ☆。✧♡ [cr: DreaMINight] part 2

140420 Best of Best Nanjing

Happy 29th birthday to my cutest, bestest, most favourite boy in the world!!!

This sounds so cheesy but you are the rainbow of my life. To me, you are all of these things and more. You give me so much inspiration every day. When I’m sad, I think of your smile. When I’m lazy, I think of everything you went through to achieve your dream. People who look at me crazy when I say that Sungmin is my bias don’t understand that you are so much more than you seem.

You are my rainbow. You bring so much colour to my life, so much excitement and beauty.

Soon you’ll be enlisting and I’ll miss you so much. But I know you’ll be a great soldier and I’ll be so proud of you. You’ll serve Korea well and emerge a better, stronger and more mature man for it. I won’t say don’t change because that’s impossible, although I already think you’re perfect so I don’t see how you can get even better :’)

Seeing you on stage and in person up close has been the best experience of my life and I will never forget your warm smile and wave to me. I’ve been so blessed to attend so many of your concerts/musicals and I will never forget it. 2 years will pass soon and I will see you again.

Happy birthday Sungmin-ah. I can’t wait to see you have a girlfriend, get married, have little children running around because I know you’ll be an awesome husband and dad. My only wish is for you to be happy. And I will be happy too <3

#shortpeopleproblems; including everyone in one picture 

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