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Don’t Hate Me!! - There’s more to this video than meets the eye o_O


Everything you need to know about Epik High’s latest MV

An in-depth and exhaustive list of EVERYTHING that we (High Skools @eatyourkimchi) managed to dig out of this MV, over the last week. It was a combined effort of over 20 people - all of whom aren’t Korean, so it wasn’t easy!! xD

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  1. Puns
  2. Baby Monsters
  3. Other Characters
  4. Other Props
  5. Favourite Scenes
  6. Video Analysis
  7. Song Analysis
  8. Song-Video Correlation
  9. ………because Epik High likes the number 9

ABOUT ‘Don’t Hate Me’:

99 Commentary Video

Don’t Hate Me is a song for people who have received hate, and feel “Why do people dislike me? Why is it only me?” But if that person could have just one person like them they’d be able to live gladly.

The 15 characters in the Don’t Hate Me MV are the villains the three of us like. “Everybody hates me, but you love me and I love you”-> We thought these characters matched well with this phrase^^ ~ Tablo

Part 1: PUNS 

So. Many. Puns. @_@

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