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one thing i do when i’m bored…

Pick 5 of your favorite Kpop Groups (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them:

1. Super Junior (15)
2. FT Island
3. Epik High
4. EXO Planet
5. The Boss

Who is your favorite person from #2: 염소진 Lee Jaejin♥

Who is your least favorite from #1: uhm. Siwon, unfortunately.. :| note that this is least favourite; it doesn’t mean I don’t like him and I don’t not like him. those who answers this question saying none, really, you’re lying. cuz if you don’t have any, that means you don’t have a most favourite person either. just saying. :X

What is your favorite song from #4: Alternates between MAMA, History, Machine, What is Love and Your Angel… x_x and between korean and mandarin too.

What is your favorite era from #5: Lady (really showcases their vocal strength (Y))

What is your favorite OTP from #3: xD none

What your least favorite OTP from #2: o.o never thought of it.. probably Jonghun/Seunghyun..?

How long have you been a fan of #1: wow thanks for the question.(: since end 2007, so… 4.5 years~ :D

Bias in #5: Karam♥

Favorite music video in group #4: EXO-M - History

How did you find out about #3: Tablo the awesome. and partly through yellowixing

Favorite thing about group #4: Talented. (not to mention good looks.:P and Luhan Luhan Luhan and his stupid perfect face and Suho’s beautiful smile and and and…TuT)

Most played song on your cellphone/ Ipod from group #2: 새들처럼 Like Birds. (because it’s the song holding memories of Jaejin noticing me huuhuu~)

Rank favorite to least from #1, #2, #5: wow. hard work. @_@
Sungmin, Jaejin, Heechul & Hongki & Henry, Kyuhyun & Karam, Injun, Hyunmin & Jonghun, Ryeowook, Hangeng & Donghae & Eeteuk, Minhwan & Seunghyun, Yesung & Jay, Zhoumi, Eunhyuk & Mika, Shindong & Kibum, Kangin, Siwon

Which have you seen more variety shows from #1, #3: #1 (Super Junior) definitely. :D

If you could be anyone from #4 who would you be?: uhm, none? I think they’re perfect the way they are. :D I don’t think I can be any of them. Lay is the most similar to me tho imo.

Who would you hang out the most with in #5: Injun, he’s the joker. \o/

What would you change about #3: Nothing, flawless people. (: although I WANT A COMEBACK PRZ

Random quote or saying from someone in group #2: “Sorry, one only” (together with his keysmash inducing pout)

Would a collaboration with #2 and #5 work?: YES PLEASE. Has a possibility since they’re similar in age and generation.. :D but both are not very popular so the chances are diminished.):): maybe someday in Japan where both groups are more popular than in Korea, hmm..

Who would you want to meet the most in #3: Tablo please.

If you had to choose between seeing #4 or #2 who would you choose?: #2 #2 #2 (FT Island). or both. or maybe #4 (EXO Planet) since I’ve met #2 before. but jaejin): then again, luhan): ughhh, both! :D

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